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Police Department


It has been my privilege to start my law enforcement career in Rockaway Beach and an honor to continue this journey as the city's Police Chief. Our department takes pride in protecting and serving this great city through maintaining partnerships with our citizens, businesses, our Board of Aldermen and the Mayor, as we all work together to make Rockaway Beach flourish. The Rockaway Beach Police Department is located at 2762 State Hwy. 176. The Department believes and trusts in the bonds and relationships we have developed throughout the years.


The City of Rockaway Beach has dissolved its Municipal Court and all municipal court/traffic court matters relating to tickets issues by the Rockaway Beach Police Department are handled through the Taney County Circuit Court system. Taney County Circuit Court, 66 Main Street, Forsyth, MO 65653. (417) 546-7230.

Dog Listening

The Rockaway Beach Police Department is notified when animals are running at-large and/or causing a disturbance within the city limits. Per ordinance, if animals are not in a confined space they must be on a leash. If an animal is impounded, they are take to the Taney County Animal Control facility.

  • Annual Pet Licenses are due January 1 and delinquent on January 31.

  • Pet licenses are $5 per animal. A rabies vaccination from a certified veterinarian is required. The fee is $7 for animals that are not spayed or neutered.

  • If a pet is impounded the intake/holding fee is $80 per animal for 7 days and $10 per day for each day after the 7th day. The owner of the impounded pet is responsible for any and all fees and costs incurred by the City of Rockaway Beach in connection with the impound. All fees must be paid at City Hall. The owner must show the receipt from City Hall to staff at the Taney County Animal Control facility to retrieve the impounded animal.

  • Per city ordinance only 3 pets are allowed per household.

  • The City has an ordinance for vicious dogs and for animals running at-large.

  • Taney County Animal Control: 255 Critter Rd., Hollister, MO 65672. (417) 332-0172. Operating hours: Monday - Saturday, noon to 4 pm; closed on Sundays and holidays.

Prescription Drugs

The City of Rockaway Beach participates in medication disposal of unwanted medications made possible by partnerships with multiple agencies and CVS pharmacy. For more information, call the Rockaway Beach Police Department: (417) 561-4471.

Analysing the Numbers


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